Sophia Harris

Provisional Neuropsychologist

Sophia is a Provisional Psychologist in the final stages of a postgraduate Masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology at Macquarie University. She conducts neuropsychological assessment for children, teens, and adults to assess developmental disorders, such as intellectual disorders, learning disorders and ADHD. She also assesses cognitive functioning after brain injury and for neurodegenerative conditions, such as dementia. Assessments are based on the collection of cognitive data, as well as supporting information from the client, their family, and any other relevant parties in their life to provide tailored recommendations and strategies to address the current areas of difficulties.

Sophia also offers cognitive intervention sessions to improve attentional skills in people with attentional deficits, such as in ADHD.

These sessions involve Sustained Attentional Training, which is the best evidence-based practice currently available in a growing field for treatment of sustained attention.