Lina Galatola

Holistic Nutritionist + Eating Psychology Coach

ADipNutMed / BBehSc / CEPC

Lina is a holistic nutritionist and eating coach who works with both adolescents and adults around their relationship with food and body image. Lina operates under the Health at Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating (IE) frameworks. She is particularly passionate about helping people navigate diet and wellness culture, and works with her clients to improve their relationship with food, eating and their bodies without restriction, weight stigma, shame or guilt.

Lina works with eating disorders, emotional eating, restrictive eating and chronic dieting. Being a holistic nutritionist and member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) allows for a multi-faceted therapeutic approach, whereby nutritional deficiencies and physical symptoms can be addressed while also exploring the emotional and psychological components which underlie eating and body image challenges.

Lina utilises a range of techniques and evidence-based approaches such as Intuitive Eating (IE), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), self-compassion, Mindful Eating and mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and mind-body nutrition science. Lina believes that a respectful and honest relationship with clients is of primary importance, and so views her role as one of a support person, guide and advocate.  She also believes in the importance of a team approach, particularly when treating eating disorders, and so works closely with psychologists, dietitians and GPs, ensuring the most holistic and sustainable outcome for her clients.