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Amy Dyer

Careers Guidance Counsellor

Opportunities for parents of school aged students:

  • Opportunity for parents and students to gain clarity regarding senior pathway options.
  • What is the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and how to successfully achieve this certification.
  • What is the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and how do I ensure I am eligible for an ATAR
  • What if I don’t receive the ATAR required for university entry, what options do I have?
  • Vocational pathways and how they can provide direct access to university pathways.

Amy is a teacher and careers counsellor with over 19 years experience working with senior school students. Her aim is to empower students and parents to make informed decisions regarding senior schooling, vocational and tertiary pathways.

She is passionate about working with students to ensure their senior pathway (year 10 – 12) is suited to their future needs and allows students to remain engaged in their learning through to year 12.  She is also passionate about helping disengaged students to find a path through school or in the workforce that allows them to regain motivation and purpose.  Whether you are headed to university, looking for a traineeship or apprenticeship while at school or keen to make some changes to your current timetable, she is committed to help.

Amy recognises the importance of parents understanding the opportunities available for their student. Clarity of the process allows parents to work with their student to make collaborative choices regarding pathway outcomes.