Janine 2021

Dr Janine Oostenbroek

Registered Psychologist

Janine is a Registered Psychologist who brings warmth and understanding but also humour and light-heartedness to therapy sessions. Janine has a passion for working with women and their families as they face the challenges of family planning, infertility, pregnancy, neonatal loss, preparing for birth, transition to parenthood, and parenting little ones. Janine also provides support to women experiencing women’s health issues more broadly such as depression, anxiety, and adjustment difficulties.

Janine completed her PhD in developmental psychology and has many years’ experience working with mothers and their newborn babies. She recently completed her Masters in Psychology (Counselling).

Janine adapts her therapeutic approach to best meet the needs of her clients. She has been trained in a number of evidence-based psychology treatments and predominately draws on a compassion-focused framework as well as using mindfulness, ACT and CBT approaches. Most of all, Janine is willing and engaged to hear your story, work collaboratively on your goals, and to provide a therapeutic space that is safe, comfortable and supported.