Alyse Jones Photo

Alyse Jones

Provisional Psychologist

Alyse is a Provisional Psychologist whom is currently finalising her postgraduate training in Clinical Neuropsychology. She specialises in comprehensive neuropsychological assessment for children, teens, and adults to assess neurodevelopmental conditions, such as learning disorders, intellectual disability, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. She also assesses cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning in the context of brain injury or neurological conditions, such as epilepsy, or multiple sclerosis. Alyse can see clients of any age for neuropsychological assessment.

Alyse has experience working in public education and values collaboration with schools and other multi-disciplinary health professionals to achieve holistic client outcomes. She can conduct in-school or in-residence observations and behaviour assessments to provide tailored recommendations and strategies to best support the clients and their family and carers.

Alyse also enjoys working therapeutically with children, teens, and their families on issues relating to social, emotional, educational and/or behavioural difficulties. She draws from a variety of evidence-based counselling and psychology modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy and play and art therapy to assist young people, adolescents and families to thrive in all areas of their lives.